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New Trends

10 Apr

Streetwear’s story played out in homes instead of its namesake, the streets, in 2020. Nonetheless, the category continues to resonate with consumers, not to mention conglomerates such as VF Corp., which plunked down $2.1 billion to add streetwear superstar Supreme to its roster of Gen Z-oriented brands.

But the trends that worked in 2020 do not have an automatic in for 2021. In a report, retail market intelligence platform Edited outlined how streetwear may evolve in the new year.

As an eternally youthful category that evolves with the tastes and interests of each budding generation, streetwear is ripe for a sustainable makeover that reflects the conscious consumption habits and values that Gen Z and younger cohorts espouse.

And with sustainability being one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords, Edited said it can no longer be overlooked by the streetwear segment. The streetwear twist, however, is that efforts may center around “intersectional environmentalism” or as Edited describes, “an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet.”

In particular, this form of environmentalism shines a spotlight on how people of color are exposed to the harmful effects of irresponsible clothing production.

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